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Eggy Bread: Munchachos Style

Munchachos Chomps Elisé: how do you eat yours?

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with exciting lunches for your children so why not dip into your Munchachos box and use our delicious snacks to provide a healthy accompaniment to a classic dish? For example, why not sacrifice your soldiers and, instead, dip our French snacks, the Chomps Elisé, into a lovely runny boiled egg. Really with this dish, the egg has to be JUST the right amount of runny. Here are our tips to make sure your yolk is no joke.

Step 1: put a pan of water on the hob

Step 2: when the water is bubbling lower in your egg using a slotted spoon

Step 3: set the timer for EXACTLY 5 minutes

Step 4: once the time is up use the slotted spoon to get the egg out of the pan and tap it at the top immediately with a teaspoon to stop it cooking

Step 5: peel off the upper part of the shell, chop off the top of the egg, and there you have it! START DIPPING!!

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