Tasty adventures in a box filled with healthy children’s nibbles and global discoveries - directly to your door.


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Why Munchachos?

Global Discovery

5 Unique snacks inspired by flavours from around the world in each box

Each snack opens a portal to a new world of taste and discovery

Collect new flavours and exciting facts


Munchachos Healthy Snacks Children: Munchachos Easy to Use

No Bad Stuff

Created by nutritionists especially for curious little Munchachos

No added sugars or salt - only healthy, natural, flavourful snacks

Delivered in 100% recyclable packaging


Munchachos Healthy Snacks Children: Prezzie

So Much More

Ideal for lunchboxes and after-school hunger pangs

Be creative, explore, have fun and get worldwise

Don't forget to download our free Munchachos App and start exploring

All directly to your door!
Only £4.99 plus postage


Sneak Peak?


The Munchables

  • 5 snacks per box, each inspired by flavours from a different country
  • A growing number of unique and exciting snacks
  • Ideal for lunchboxes and after-school hunger pangs
  • Created by nutritionists especially for curious little Munchachos

The Funtastic

  • Download the FREE app to create your very own World of Munchachos
  • Become worldwise as you gather fun facts and travel the world
  • Play great new games
  • Bag plenty of prizes, unlock new Munchachos, and more

All this for only £4.99 plus postage?!


Easy as 1, 2, 3

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1. Subscribe

Create your profile and the Munchachos at HQ will prepare your very own box every week

The Muchachos Family is a happy one, so you can stop your subscription at any time

nicely packaged box

2. Discover

Explore the exciting World of Munchachos, collecting new flavours and exciting facts along the way

Tell us which Munchables you love!

world with kids

3. Have Loads of Fun

Download the FREE Munchachos app to learn, play, make and win

Welcome to the Munchachos Family!!

Still not convinced?

Winners in the LBP Awards 2019

Platinum for Best Innovative Idea

Gold for Best Child's Snack

Download the Munchachos App

Join in the adventure by downloading the Munchachos App for free!

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