Here at Munchachos, our primary aim is to perpetuate children’s curiosity about the world

“We care deeply about children and their development. We aim to foster creativity, curiosity and playfulness while nourishing the body with healthy, nutritious and great tasting snacks and the mind with engaging and interactive content.”

We value children’s innate boundless curiosity. We believe strongly that sustaining this childlike curiosity and creativity into adulthood is essential to our society’s future as we, as a society, seek solutions to increasingly complex challenges.

We believe a healthy, integrated society depends on encouraging children to explore the world and engage with people from different backgrounds. With greater exposure, children will develop greater facility in an increasingly multicultural world. As children become adults, our hope is that this will translate into a more confident and conscious society.

As foodies, we cannot imagine a more exciting way to learn about a country and its people than through its tastes and aromas. For us, the food of each culture is a powerful sensory introduction that will compel further exploration of that culture.

This has led us to create a range of healthy snacks for children inspired by flavours from a variety of countries and cultures. We integrate healthy snacking into an immersive digital experience which will allow children to explore the world, develop and share content and form part of a like-minded community.

Through this journey of discovery, children will celebrate their commonalities, learn from their differences and become more comfortable in our multicultural world, growing into equally curious, creative and functional adults.

It’s all about the children

“Children represent everything that is pure, joyful, non-judgemental and creative”

We love children and take very seriously our contribution to helping them develop into responsible adults.

We would like to play a part in perpetuating the traits of curiosity and creativity into responsible adulthood because we believe they are fundamental to building a more confident and conscious society.

Our business is child-centric and everything we do is aimed at giving children worldwide a better chance of success in an increasingly complex and multicultural society. 

Curiosity is the key to invention

“We believe strongly that sustaining childlike curiosity and creativity is essential to our society’s future”

Our world is evolving at an accelerating pace. Few of the skills we are developing today will remain valid in a future characterised by growing complexity and change.   

Our children will need to be inventive in finding solutions to challenges we cannot yet anticipate and to developing exciting propositions to compete and flourish. We see creativity as the fundamental building block of inventiveness as it lures children on journeys of discovery, reducing their fear of the unknown. The more varied and richer these experiences, the more likely our children are to be inspired and equipped to develop new solutions as adults.

We are curiosity-cursed ‘Kidults’ ourselves.

Strive for worldliness

“Our society is becoming a beautiful tapestry of foods, languages, colours, experiences and cultures which inspire us to create and grow”

We aim to help children draw on this diversity to fuel their creativity by encouraging them to explore the tastes, sites, history and cultures of our fascinating world. 

We believe a healthy, integrated society depends on equipping our children to embrace other cultures and to thrive amongst them.

Freedom to play and learn

“Joy is the elixir of true happiness”

We strive to experience joy through play, through the delight of discovering new and unexpected things and the pleasure of learning and creating. We want the children of the world to experience such delight when they interact with our offering, and for play-driven joy to become an integral part of the way they live their lives into adulthood.

We will create safe opportunities to stimulate and perpetuate curiosity, in which children will feel free to experiment, create and share their ‘aha’ moments.

And, in turn, we derive joy from continually innovating our offering of flavours and experiences to spur children to express themselves through play, learning as they go.

A wholesome experience

“A healthy, curious mind in a healthy body”

We take to heart parent’s concerns about their children’s wellbeing and safety, whether it relates to the nutritional quality of their children’s diet, the amount of time their children spend online or the quality and safety of the content to which they are exposed.

Furthermore, we aim to be transparent in our communications and our actions and to act with integrity with all stakeholders.

Gaining the trust of our stakeholders, especially children and their parents, guides our behaviours.