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Hole Guacamole!

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Mexico Cha Cha Chips Guacamole

(pronounced Holi Gwakamoli….)

Hola Munchachos!

Today we are going to show you how to make real deal Mexican guacamole, packed with nutrients and deliciousness!

The recipe could not be easier, so get the whole family involved.


For this you will need (feeds 6 Munchachos):

2 extra mushy, extra ripe, large avocados, preferably the Haas kind which are black on the outside and smooth and rich on the inside. If the ones you find are a little small, that’s ok, just throw in an extra one!

2 juicy limes

1 large tomato – not too soft

1 handful of cilantro (aka coriander), pick the biggest hand you have at home!

A pinch of salt and pepper

Some Mariachi music playing in the background to get you in the mood.


Now for the fun part:

Cut the avocados in half and pit them (that means take out the big pip – it doesn’t taste very good). Scoop out the delightfully mushy green flesh with a spoon and put it in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of the first lime over this and mash it with a fork. Keep some chunks in to give it texture! Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the wet interior. Wash the tomato thoroughly and then dice the tomato into small pieces – mind the tiny fingers! Chop the handful of cilantro (stalks are fine, but don’t get too much of them in there, leaves are tastiest!). Add the tomato, cilantro, salt and pepper (to taste) and the second lime’s juice to the bowl and get everything singing together! (Ay caramba!) If you have brave little ones at home, add some chilli (flakes or very finely chopped fresh jalapenos – pronounced HA-LA-PE-NIOZ!)

This is the partner in crime for our Cha Cha Chips! But, you can also enjoy it with a delicious piece of brown toast for brekkie or as a side to your chicken or fish meals!


Fun fact: Avocados are very high in omega 3 fatty acids – the good kind of fat – and contain many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B5, vitamin K, fibre, magnesium and potassium! 


Pro Tip #1: To avoid the browning, wrap your avocado in cling film or squeeze some lemon juice on it!

Pro Tip #2: Before cutting the limes in half and squeezing out the juice, set them down on a hard surface, open your palm and place it on the lime. Squeeze the lime and roll it backwards and forwards (pretend you’re a DJ, extra brownie points for holding your other hand by your ear!)

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Mexico Guacamole


Take a photo of your Guacamole, send it to us here and tag us on Instagram (@Munchachos). We cannot wait to see your creations!


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