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Remember, Remember, the 5 November!

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Guy Fawkes Bonfire Big Ben

Did you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day this weekend? The team at Munchachos enjoyed the most spectacular fireworks display surrounded by fellow Munchachos and delicious Munchables. When the fireworks ended, someone curiously asked “Who was Guy Fawkes and why do we light fireworks?”. We had no choice. We had to find out! 

Who Was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes was a member of a 13 person team that tried to kill the King by blowing up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Guy Fawkes and his friends were Catholic and they did not agree with King James I who was Protestant. 

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Guy Fawkes Bonfire Houses of Parliament

They decided to take matters into their own hand. They stored 36 barrels of gunpowder in the basement under the House of Lords (this is where people meet to decide how to run the country). The plan was to light the barrels on 5 November. 

A member of Guy Fawkes’ team did not feel comfortable with the idea that some innocent people were going to die in the explosion. He sent a letter that reached the King, warning him of the plot. The King immediately ordered his men to investigate and when they reached the basement they found Guy Fawkes’ guarding the barrels. 

Guy Fawkes was captured, tortured and executed.  

So Why the Fireworks?

King James I announced that people should always celebrate that the Gunpowder Plot never happened on 5 November. People light bonfires, set off fireworks and sometimes even burn a doll that looks like Guy Fawkes. 

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in many places around the world and is also known as Bonfire Night. 

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Guy Fawkes Bonfire Children

What did you do this year?


At Munchachos HQ we love having fun and exploring other people’s traditions. Bonfire night is a great example of a fun evening with a rich history. It is amazing just how much there is to explore and learn. So grab your favourite Munchable and get worldwise! 


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