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World Book Day

Munchachos Healthy Snacks Children: World Book Day Munchachos

What is World Book Day?

World Book Day takes place every year on 7th March, offering every child the opportunity to dress as their favourite character from a book. The day was designated by UNESCO and is the world’s biggest campaign to provide every child with their own book. It’s a worldwide celebration of books and reading and is marked by 100 countries across the globe.

Being big fans of reading, at Munchachos we’re huge supporters of the day. (We even shared Our 5 Favourite Books with you!) Books have a magical power to transform and transport you to different worlds and different ages; feeding the imagination and expanding the horizons of children and adults everywhere. UNESCO declares that it “stands up for creativity, diversity and equal access to knowledge…”

How Are People Getting Involved?

Schools across the country will get encourage students to dress as their favourite literary character. Bookshops around the UK and all major supermarkets will distribute cut-price books to ensure that a zest for reading is an affordable passion for everyone!

So whether you’re a classic Alice in Wonderland or a more modern Gangsta Granny, get your costumes on this Thursday to mark this fun occasion. 

And, while you’re at it, why not match your costume with a healthy snack? We can definitely see Belle from Beauty & The Beast reading whilst snacking on a Chomps Elise! And we’re pretty certain that Augustus Gloop would love to feast on a packet of Oom-Pah-Pahs! He could do with a healthier children’s snack…

Munchachos Healthy Snacks Children: Augustus Gloop
Time for Augustus Gloop to try a Munchable!

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