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Get outside this National Children’s Gardening Week!

National Children’s Gardening Week runs from 25th May-2nd June and is a great way of getting your children into the garden and enjoying the outside world.

The benefits of getting involved in National Children’s Gardening Week are numerous. As well as the obvious benefits of encouraging physical activity, it can also promote team work as well as demonstrating the advantages of nurturing something and seeing a project through to fruition. It is also a fab way of coaxing children away from screens!

Chelsea Flower Show

This week it is also the RHS Chelsea Flower Show where they’re celebrating the multitude of benefits that gardening has for the health of people and the environment in 2019. Designers will explore the positive powers of plants and whill tackle hard-hitting issues – from climate change, pollution and the fragility of ecosystems to improving the mental and physical health of people.

How to get involved

The National Children’s Gardening Week website has a whole host of great activities for children to get involved in out in the garden.  We’re using the opportunity to make our own sandwich ingredients to liven up our lunchboxes, with a bit of help from the NCGW website.  Who fancies a Pea Shoot Sandwich? 

Here’s what you need:

  • Some pots or containers
  • Some people or micro-green seeds
  • Some multi-purpose compost


  1. Put your compost into your container(s) and make sure it’s spread evenly.
  2. Sow the pea or micro-green seeds very thinly on your compost, covering all the soil.
  3. Water the seeds and put them on a bright window sill.
  4. Keep the compost damp over the next few days. After a few days your seeds will start to sprout.
  5. When the shoots are about four centimetres tall, you can cut them for your sandwiches.
  6. Once you’ve cut the shoots, put your container back on the window sill and keep it watered.
  7. The shoots will come back three or four times, giving you lots more sandwiches or salads!

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