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Kid’s Travel Trivia Quiz!

Are you going on a staycation this summer? Spending hours in the car listening to ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘Mum, I’m hungry’ on a loop.

Well… our snacks can take care of the hunger issue, but what about the boredom? We’ve written a Travel Trivia Quiz to make your journeys pass just that little bit quicker. GOOD LUCK and have a wonderful trip!

Answers are at the bottom – DON’T CHEAT!

Q1. Which fruit is the most popular and most consumed in the world?
a. Tomatoes
b. Bananas
c. Kiwi fruit

Q2. Which is the smallest country in the world?
a. Monaco
b. Wales
c. The Vatican City

Q3. Which city is situated on two continents?
a. Paris
b. Quito
c. Istanbul

Q4. Which is the longest continental mountain range in the world?
a. The Andes
b. Atlas Mountains
c. Rocky Mountains

Q5. Which is the world’s largest country by size?
a. Russia
b. Spain
c. Brazil

Q6. Which continent is the most populous?
a. Europe
b. North America
c. Asia

Q7. Which country in the European Union has the biggest population?
a. Germany
b. Spain
c. Poland

Q8. Which is the longest river in Africa?
a. Zambezi
b. Limpopo
c. Nile

Q9. Which is the largest capital city in the world (by population)?
a. Tokyo
b. London
c. Cardiff

Q10. Which two countries share the longest border in the world?
a. Germany & France
b. USA & Canada
c. Poland & Ukraine



A1. Tomatoes are the most eaten fruit in the world. More than 170 tons of tomatoes are consumed annually!

A2. The Vatican City, located in Rome/Italy, is the smallest country in the world. 

A3. Istanbul in Turkey is located both on the Asian and European continent as the city spreads over two sides of the Bosporus. The strait is the boundary between Asia and Europe.

A4. The Andes in South America are the longest mountain range stretching over 7,600km/4,700 miles from north to south.

A5. Russia is the largest country by size, followed by Canada, China and the USA.

A6. 60% of the world’s population live on the Asian continent. More than 4.4 billion people live in Asia.

A7. Germany has the biggest population in the EU. 82 million people live in this country in central Europe.

A8. The Nile is the longest river in Africa. It is  6,650km/4,130miles long. The Nile’s drainage basin covers 11 countries.  

A9. Tokyo is the most populated city in the world. More than 38 million people live in  the metropolitan area of Japan’s capital city.

A10. The longest border is between the United States of America and Canada. It is over 8,893 km/5,525 miles long.

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