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3 Reasons To Try a New Flavour

Munchachos Snacks Children: Eating New Flavours Child

There are an infinite number of different flavours in the world. Unfortunately, we will only ever try a few of these. That makes the Munchachos quite sad, but we can all do something to change it!

Trying new foods may sound risky at first but what is the worst that can happen? You just spit it out… You won’t know if you like or dislike something until you try it! So go on, be adventurous and read below about our top 3 reasons to keep exploring!


Why Try New Food?

There are so many reasons to try new foods. Here are our top 3: 

Learn About Different People

Food is an amazing way to discover cultures and countries. Learn how people from different countries eat, what they eat and the reasons why. Is it easier to grow in the country due to its climate? Has it got something to do with the country’s history? Is it due to trading with a neighbouring countries?

Fun fact #1: Chocolate was used as a currency by the ancient Aztecs.

Fun fact #2: Honey never goes rotten! Edible forms of honey have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs!

Munchachos Snacks Children: Eating New Flavours Honey Bee


Become Healthier and More Creative

By exploring new foods you benefit from a more varied and balanced diet and allow your body to gain nutrients from new sources. The more nutrients, the stronger and healthier you will be. Our palate can learn just like our brain! We try a new food, fall in love with a new flavour, discover a new ingredient and learn what it goes well with. 

Now we can recognise it, mix and match it with other flavours and create delicious recipes. Check out our blog for easy nutritious examples that will get you creating in the kitchen!


Connect with Friends

Adventures as so rewarding! Impress your family and friends with your knowledge of different foods and countries. Try new things and set an example. Encourage them to have an open mind too! How fun would it be if you went around to your friend’s house after school and knew all about what was for dinner! Or better yet if you travelled to a new country and already knew some of its flavours and favourite foods!


Come on, who wouldn’t want to explore new foods? Why don’t you start your flavourful adventures with some yummy Munchables designed by nutritionists especially for children? You have so much to gain!


How To Do It?

You don’t have to start with any scary foods. Just be curious and make sure you start exploring! The Munchachos thought this through very carefully and created the Munchables just for you! 

You may not like something the first time you try it. But give it another shot! Try think about what you didn’t like – Was it the texture? The smell? Or the taste?


How Does This Relate to Who We Are and What We Do?

Amazing things will happen when you try new foods. At Munchachos HQ, we love learning about new countries and cultures, mainly through food. It is the perfect way to become Worldwise, healthier and more creative. Read more about it here and here!


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The World Cup

Munchachos Snacks Children: Curiosity World Cup

Are you enjoying the World Cup? Here at Munchachos HQ, we cannot get enough of it! Curious to learn more? Thought we should share some fun facts about the World Cup and our view on the power of sport. 

Fun Facts

  • More than 3 billion people watched the 2014 World Cup. That’s neatly 50% of the world! 
  • The World Cup is played every 4 years (each year in a different country) and lasts 4 weeks
  • Uruguay hosted the first world cup in 1930. 
  • The first World Cup shown on TV was in 1954 (hosted by Switzerland)
  • Thirteen countries played in the first World Cup in 1930 and now 32 countries take part
  • Thieves stole the World Cup trophy in 1966 (the year England won) and tried to sell it. A dog found the trophy under a car!


Who Are the Champions?

Only 8 different countries have won the World Cup so far (Brazil, Germany, Italy, England, Argentina, Uruguay, France and Spain). 

Brazil has won it 5 times. Brazil is the only country to have played in every World Cup ever! 

Who are you supporting? Have you found your country’s yummy Munchable?

Munchachos Snacks Children: World Curiosity Brazil


Everyone can enjoy football (soccer). It does not matter who you are, where you come from, what language you speak or what you believe in. Football is a very simple sport that is played all over the world. 

In the World Cup you can see some of the World’s richest countries competing with some of the World’s poorest countries. You might even catch yourself discovering a country you didn’t know existed!  

During the World Cup, millions of people come together to support their countries, meet new people and have fun. It is a wonderful way to learn about different people and countries. 

Munchachos believes that sport offers a very powerful way to bring the world together. This is at the core of our mission. Now pop open a bag of Munchables and enjoy the beautiful game!


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The Patron Saint of England?

Munchachos Healthy Snacks Children: St George and Dragon

Who was he?

Saint George was born in Cappadocia [in what is called Turkey today], more than 1,700 years ago. He was a soldier in the Roman army and eventually became a personal guard to the Emperor of Rome, Emperor Diocletian. I wonder what the Emperor would think of our healthy snack, the Fusilli Ciao Chows?

For refusing to give up Christianity, Saint George was tortured and later beheaded, on the 23rd April 303. 

Saint George was not English and had never been to England, but was adopted by the country because of the story of The Golden Legend – the one in which he slays a dragon. Curious? Read about the legend below!


The Golden Legend

Saint George is most widely known for slaying a dragon. Have you ever seen or slain one yourself?

The legend goes that a dragon used to live in the lake in the city of Silene. The inhabitants of Silene used to feed the dragon one sheep a day to keep it calm. Once the people ran out of sheep, they started sacrificing their children to the dragon. One day, it was the princess’s turn to be fed to the dragon. 

Saint George rode past the lake on his horse just at the trembling princess was about to be devoured. Fearless Saint George made a gesture called the Sign of the Cross, jumped on his horse, injured the dragon and put a lead around its neck. 

Does good always beat evil?

Saint George and the princess took the dragon back to the city. There the saint proclaimed that he would slaughter the dragon if the people of Silene became Christians. The King and 15,000 men obliged, and the dragon was slayed.


Saint George’s Day

King Edward III of England made him the Patron Saint of England and the 23rd April became known as Saint George’s day.


How does the UK Celebrate?

Traditionally, people wear red roses and wave the Flag of Saint George which was introduced by King Edward IV as the flag of England.

Unfortunately, the 23rd April is not a national holiday in the UK and for most people in England, Saint George’s Day is just another working day. 

The Munchachos celebrate with some delicious Roasty Toasties Munchables. Have you tried them? 


Other Fun Facts

  • Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564 and died on the same day in 1616
  • Saint George is also the Patron Saint of a host of countries including Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia
  • Georgia, the country, is named after Saint George. There are 365 Orthodox churches – one for every day of the year except leap years


Fun Activity

Create your own Flag of Saint George, send it to us here and tag us on Instagram (@Munchachos). We cannot wait to see your flags!


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